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Sanna Wolk

Head of IP & Corporate Sustainability | Partner

email hidden; JavaScript is required +46 76 617 09 53
Sanna Wolk

Sanna Wolk is head of Cirio’s IP and Corporate Sustainability practice areas. She has extensive experience and knowledge of Swedish, European and international IP law, as an expert, arbitrator and academic.

Sanna is a Professor (jur. dr) and is the founder of the Institute of Intellectual Property, Marketing and Competition Law (IMC) at Uppsala University. She frequently speaks and publishes articles and books on various IP issues.

  • CV
    Co-Founder of NU: Nolla Utanf?rskapet
    EU Expert on Copyright, European Commission and EUIPO
    Professor, Faculty of Law, Uppsala University
    Founder and Chair of the Institute of Intellectual Property, Marketing and Competition Law (IMC), Uppsala University
    Assoc. Professor, Faculty of Law, Lund University
    Assoc. Professor, Faculty of Law, Stockholm University
    Research Officer, Ministry of Industry, Employment and Communications
    Research Officer, Ministry of Education, Research and Culture
    Doctoral Candidate, School of Law, Stockholm University

    Swedish and English

  • Education
    Stockholm University, LL.D. Intellectual Property Law (Employees IP rights)
    Stockholm University, LL.M., Intellectual Property Law
    University of Groningen, Intellectual Property Law
  • Membership
    President of the Association - AIPPI Sweden
    Co-Chair of the Copyright Committee - AIPPI International (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property)
    Chair of the Academy of Researchers - Swedish Competition Public Authorities
    Member of the Council for Research Issues - Swedish Competition Public Authorities
    Member of the committee Intellectual Property Law and the committee Market Law - ICC (International Chambers of Commerce)
    Member of the board and Chair of the election committee -SACG (Swedish Anti-Counterfeiting Group)
    Member of the council - F?reningen f?r utgivande av Svensk Juristtidning
    Member of the Advisory Council - Swedish Patent and Registration Office
  • Publications

    EU Copyright Law - Subsistence, exploitation and protection of rights (Wolk/Szkalej/Rosenmeier), Kluwer Law International, Alphen aan den Rijn 2018

    Intellectual Property Rights (eds. Wolk/Szkalej), 2 ed., AIPPI Law Series, Kluwer Law International, Alphen aan den Rijn 2017

    Programalster i upphovsr?tten (Wolk), Iustus, Uppsala 2016

    Arbetstagares uppfinningar (Wolk), Studentlitteratur, Lund 2013

    Juridiken kring e-l?rande - upphovsr?tt, integritet och ?ppenhet (Wolk/Magnusson Sj?berg), Studentlitteratur, Lund 2012

    Arbetstagares immaterialr?tter - r?tten till datorprogram, design och uppfinningar m.m. i anst?llningsf?rh?llanden (Wolk), 2 uppl., Norstedts Juridik, Stockholm 2008

    Biobanksr?tt (ed. Wolk), Studentlitteratur, Lund 2003

    Immaterialr?tt och Sakr?tt (ed. Wolk/Persson/Levin), Jure, Stockholm 2002

    Ownership of the Copyright in Works and the Patent Right in Inventions Created by Employees in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Estonia and Argentina (ed. Wolk), Jure, Stockholm 2002